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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare


On the banks of the Tagliamento river, in the province of Pordenone in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, we can find this beautiful 108-hectare wine estate. A beautiful 18th-century manor villa is the heart of the property and currently hosts a high-level accommodation business. Land is cultivated with vineyards (19.4 ha of Prosecco) and arable land (45.8 ha), while the currently-rented-out portion houses a field with grafted and rooted vines (29.9 ha).

The most interesting portion of the property is with no doubt the Prosecco vineyard (19.4 ha) which allows producing each year approximately 3,640 quintals of grapes. This implies that, taking into account the guideline for the Prosecco DOC, with a cellar one could produce up to 360.000 bottles of wine per year.

The estate is currently run as an accommodation business, thanks to the many bedrooms and available, and is the ideal location for events like weddings, meeting and summits. The vineyard is currently productive and the harvested grapes allow producing an excellent sparkling wine (Prosecco).

What’s more, the many buildings of the estate could be renovated and restored to further increase the number of available bedrooms for guests. The vineyards in the property could also be used as a workshop for the guests, allowing them to learn how vineyards are cared for and wine is made. The same goes for the old mill, which still houses the original machinery (exception made for the water wheel): the building could be restored and converted into a museum celebrating the countryside life of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.


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