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  • Published 26/01/2021

2020 was a peculiar year, to say the least: the CoVID-19 virus deeply changed our behaviors and destroyed many of the certainties we had before. Over a few weeks, we shut ourselves in our homes to escape the pandemic: for those living in a city, accustomed to being free of moving wherever and whenever they wanted, this imposition has often been lived as a sentence to jail, with a constant need for evasion.

The real estate market, albeit impacted by the situation, looked for a new kind of properties to offer its client, retired properties immersed in the nature where one can live in peace without being limited by the now-so-despised four walls of a city dwelling.

Here below you can find four properties, not necessary luxury ones, ticking all the already mentioned boxes.


Ref. 1808 - Anghiari, Arezzo, Tuscany

This country house, dating back to 1737, was recently restored and the owners opted for the most eco-friendly solution possible nowadays. The house is, indeed, fully self-sufficient with solar panels for hot water and electricity, a natural spring for water supply and a small vegetable garden. All around the country house, there is a convenient garden (over 6,000 sqm, fully fenced) and a paved pergola covered in flowers, ideal for pleasant outdoor moments.

The position of the properties is incredible: located on top of a hill, at the border between Anghiari and Arezzo, the podere covers a surface of approximately 7 hectares, mainly covered in woodland which grants excellent privacy and retirement. A short distance from the country house, the owners also created a small pond fed by the spring.


Ref. 1672 - Anghiari, Arezzo, Tuscany

Located on the hills farming Anghiari, this beautiful farmhouse has been finely restored to preserve its rustic charm. Inside, all the main features have been maintained and one can find terracotta floors, wooden beams and the imposing fireplace used in the past to warm the building. Laid over three floors, the country house currently offers 5 welcoming bedrooms, but with the possibility of creating another one by converting the studio.

The building is surrounded by roughly 3,300 sqm of land, fully landscaped into a beautiful garden. A short distance from the house one can find a cozy 12 x 6 m swimming pool with a stone-paved solarium. A wooden pergola leaned against the main façade of the building grants some memorable moments of relax in the pleasant Tuscan climate and the woodland surrounding the property grants privacy and keeps one away from prying eyes.


Ref. 2000 - Anghiari, Arezzo, Tuscany

On the hills of Anghiari as the previous one, this property is made up of three stone country houses offering in total over 600 sqm of livable surface. The main building, a typical Tuscan stone rustic house, is currently in builder’s finish and allows the new owner to customize its house by applying personal touches and finishes. The two guesthouses, on the other hand, have been already restored and are perfectly habitable: the owners will then be able to live in the property to supervise the works carried out in the main farmhouse.

Spanning almost 43 hectares, the property is placed inside a hunting reserve where one can hunt wild animals such as boars, deers, hares and pheasants (all the limits imposed by the law clearly apply). The woods of the estate surrounds the country houses, sheltering them from prying eyes, and the land features many plain spots where horse could live happily if wanted.


Ref. 637 – Perugia, Perugia, Umbria

If you are looking for a countryside property to be restored and refined following your own style and preferences, this farmhouse located not far from Perugia is an easy choice for you. With a surface of 450 sqm, the building needs a total restoration before being usable but its generous size allow creating a very welcoming country house, also suited for numerous families.

The property, in its entirety, covers 26 hectares of land and is located in a beautiful an very panoramic position. The land, with its gentle slope, also accommodates an ample olive grove (over 1,500 trees) which is ideal to produce excellent extra-virgin olive oil. The land around the farmhouse is mostly plain and is very suitable to landscape a garden. As for the previous property, the location grants excellent privacy.

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