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  • Published 17/07/2020

The sea has always had a unique attraction over men. Great civilizations based their entire existence on being close to the sea, let's just think of the Phoenicians, and in Roman Age many noblemen had imposing villas built along the shores. Notable examples are the remains found in the Amalfi Coast and along the Tuscan Costa degli Etruschi.

Today's tour will lead you to the discovery of four beautiful waterfront villas in some of the most beautiful places of Italy. Starting from Mount Argentario, along the Tuscan coast, we will move southward to the Amalfi Coast, exploring two unique and fascinating areas that over the years have seen many important personalities, who even ended up buying their own corner of paradise.


Ref. 2006 - Talamone, Grosseto, Tuscany

Built by the Spaniards around 1565, the tower was part of a complex network of fortifications aimed at defending the maritime commercial routes from Naples to Genoa. Year after year, the tower lost its military purpose and was rebuilt and reworked into a beautiful waterfront villa. Nowadays, the building boasts a total of 5 bedrooms, one of which is a beautiful manorial suite built at the top of the tower which enjoys a unique breathtaking view over the sea.

Located right on the edge of the cliff, the villa boasts excellent privacy thanks to a huge 48-ha natural park one must necessarily go through to reach the building. The imposing tower is further enriched by beautiful sea view terraces and a staircase carved in stone leads directly to the underlying sea. 500 m from the villa, following the coastline, one can also reach an actual beach (albeit rocky).


Ref. 2009 – Porto Santo Stefano, Argentario, Tuscany

Located on the slopes of Mount Argentario, in a dominant position with excellent view over the underlying sea, this villa is the perfect choice for someone looking for life along the sea or for someone in search of a summer house. The ample size of the building and the excellent number of bedrooms (6 in total) allow easily hosting friends and parents to share unforgettable moments of peace and play.

Outside, ample paved terraces allow enjoying the pleasant marine climate of Argentario, with a beautiful view over the Tuscan Archipelago and the Isle of Giglio to the horizon. The 12 × 5.5 m Infinity pool is built on the lower terrace and gives the impression of diving down right into the sea.


Ref. 1884 - Positano, Amalfi Coast, Campania

Built on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, just outside the historic center of Positano, this villa offers a unique panoramic view over the Li Galli archipelago and the Fornillo beach, located at the base of Positano. With just a few restorations, the building would make for a perfect holiday home.

The villa, reached via a sloped elevator, is laid over two floors totaling 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with an ample and bright living room on the ground floor. Outside, ample panoramic terraces with gardens and orchards offer a unique place, with a unique background, to relax in the lovely climate of the Amalfi Coast, even better if in the company of friends.


Ref. 1985 - Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Campania

Nestled upon the rocky shores of the Amalfi Coast, not far from Maiori, this beautiful villa enjoys southern exposure which means the sun shines on the building all day long, from dawn to dusk, offering breathtaking vistas, with the sunset rising from and then setting right into the sea to the horizon. The villa is the ideal retreat if looking for peace and quiet in one of the most beautiful and sought places in the world.

A private path branches off the garden of the villa and descends through the cliff leading to a cozy bay where one can admire two impressive lavic grottoes, very common in the volcanic grounds of Campania, and a nice waterfall. The retired position of the villa grants excellent privacy, sheltered from prying eyes.

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