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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare

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Agenzia Romolini Immobiliare chose as its office a beautiful historical building, finely restored, located in Via Trieste 10/C, a suggestive descending alley along the track of the old walls of the hamlet of Anghiari, now completely embedded in the walls of the houses.

The offices can easily be reached from the main square of the town or from the convenient free parking area located just behind the Church of Saint Mary, well visible right next to the bell tower on the highest part of the town. 

LANDLINE   (+39) 0575 788 948

FAX   (+39) 0575 786 928

E-MAIL   [email protected]


The agency has also a showroom located along the main road of Sansepolcro, Via XX Settembre.


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