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Iacopo Rossi

Iacopo Rossi

Agronomist & Wine Expert

Piazza Torre di Berta, 4 - 52037 Sansepolcro - Italia


Born in Arezzo, Tuscany, Iacopo has always shown interest and sensitivity to issues of environmental sustainability.

In 2000 he graduated in "Agricultural Sciences" from the University of Perugia with a grade of 110/110 cum laude.

After passing the state exam for qualification as an Agronomist, he practiced as a freelance in agronomic studies and in collaboration with oenologists.

At the same time he cultivated his dream of running a winery himself until he became co-founder of an organic wine estate with accommodation and wine tourism activities.

As a professional agricultural entrepreneur and administrator, he developed the estate by planting vineyards, building a bio-architectural winery, and renovating the farmhouses on the property for use as accommodations.

The modern architecture winery has received major awards to the point of being included in the Toscana Wine Architecture circuit, which includes the 13 most beautiful design wineries in Tuscany.

Specific training, business consulting, and administration of a wine estate has enabled Iacopo to acquire established skills in agronomy (viticulture in particular), enology, budget analysis and business plan evaluation, urban planning and building regulations in the agricultural sector, and property renovations.

In 2023, the sale of the estate to foreign investors was an opportunity to get in touch with Romolini, who successfully brokered the deal.

It was love at first sight with real estate, and the understanding with the agency staff was such that since February 2024 Iacopo has been part of the crew.

He lives in Arezzo and is married to Federica with whom he shares a love for their sons Giorgio and Gianmarco.

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