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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare

Customized selling mandate

Our primary objective at Romolini Immobiliare - Christie's International Real Estate is to satisfy the needs of qualified buyers who are looking for the best possible properties and service, designed to help them achieve their ideal outcome in the market.


It is therefore critical to tailor one’s marketing and sales strategy. Each property is a world unto its own, often requiring a unique and bespoke approach. Our many years of experience in the sector allow us to allocate the best possible channels for sellers to promote their property to achieve the highest quality, truly international presence.


At Romolini Immobiliare, you can be assured that your privacy and confidentiality are sacred and protected. Furthermore, the choice to utilize the restricted private area on our website allows us to present unique properties to a very restricted and select pool of clients whose credentials have been accurately checked.


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