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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare



Tuscany - Florence Province - Rufina

Chianti, Florentine Hills

6.000.000 Euro

  • Interiors: 3,132 sqm (33,699 sqft)
  • Exteriors: 343.5 ha (848.8 ac)
  • Bedrooms: 34 (up to 40)
  • Bathrooms: 19 (up to 23)
  • Vineyard: 16,5 ha
  • N. Bottles: 65.000 Max
  • Olive Grove: 4,0 ha
  • Oil: 25,0 hl


  • TYPE: tenuta
  • CONDITION: fully restored
  • POSITION: hilly
  • ACCESS: paved road
  • EXTERIOR SURFACE: 343.5 ha (848.8 ac)
  • GARDEN: yes, around the buildings
  • POOL: 14 × 6,5 m
  • INTERIOR SURFACE: 3,132 square meters (33,699 square feet)
  • BEDROOMS: 34 (up to 40)
  • BATHROOMS: 19 (up to 23)
  • ANNEX: several buildings
  • WATER: mains water
  • ADSL: yes
  • HEATING: radiators
  • GAS: municipal network

FEATURES: agriturismo, wine estate, swimming pool, solarium, chestnut grove, olive grove, Chianti, B&B, terracotta floors, wooden beams, masonry fireplaces, masonry arches, stone walls, cellar, church, villa, fishing lakes, hunting reserve, Sangiovese, Malvasia, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Merlot, Ciliegiolo, Trebbiano, Canaiolo


On the hills surrounding the beautiful Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, wonderful estate finely restored with 343.5 hectares of land, vineyard (16.5 ha, including Chianti DOCG), accommodation business and hunting reserve.

Easily reached via an excellent linkage to the municipal road network, the property is located in an extremely comfortable location if someone wants to visit the historical cities of Tuscany: the Renaissance Florence (38km; 55’), the turreted San Gimignano (88km; 1h 35’), the Etruscan Volterra (110km; 1h 55’), the medieval Siena (110km; 1h 50’), the two wine-cities of Montepulciano (117km; 1h 45’) and Montalcino (144km; 2h 15’).

Useful airports to reach the property are Firenze Peretola (63km; 1h 5’), Bologna Marconi (105km; 1h 30’), Pisa Galilei (123km; 1h 45’), Perugia Sant’Egidio (167km; 2h 5’), Grosseto Baccarini (180km; 2h 30’), Roma Ciampino (295km; 3h 10’) and Roma Fiumicino (310km; 3h 15’).


The whole property is split between two hamlets.


The Hamlet A includes six independent apartments, a villa (internally split into two separate residences) and several other buildings and locals for a grand total of 920 sqm (9,899 sqft).


In a farmhouse (198 sqm – 2,130 sqft), fully restored in 1998 two apartments on two floors have been obtained, for a grand total of five bedrooms.

- Apt. N°1 (120 sqm – 1,291 sqft): kitchen with fireplace, three bedrooms and two bathrooms;

- Apt. N°2 (78 sqm – 839 sqft): kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom.


In a second farmhouse (154 sqm – 1,657 sqft) fully restored in 1998, two one-story apartments have been obtained.

- Apt. N°3 (73 sqm – 785 sqft): living room with fireplace, kitchenette, two bedrooms and bathroom;

- Apt. N°4 (81 sqm – 872 sqft): living room with fireplace, kitchenette, two bedrooms and bathroom.


Two more residential units, restored in 1998, are located in the hamlet:

Apt. N°5 (133 sqm – 1,431 sqft): living room with fireplace, kitchenette, three bedrooms and two bathrooms;

Apt. N°6 (81 sqm – 872 sqft): living room with fireplace, kitchenette, two bedrooms and bathroom.


A villa (257 sqm – 2,765 sqft), fully restored in 1998, is laid over two floors and split between a living area (ground floor) and a sleeping area (first floor). The day-zone is made up of a kitchen with fireplace and oven, dining room with fireplace, three sitting room and a bathroom. The sleeping area has six bedrooms, two bathrooms and a service kitchen.


Finally we find a game room and a storage room (for a total of 47 sqm – 506 sqft), a linen room (20 sqm – 215 sqft) directly under the villa and a former dairy (30 sqm – 323 sqft). The hamlet is completed by a nice small church dating back to the 17th century (40 sqm – 430 sqft), consecrated and currently used for religious ceremonies.


The Hamlet B includes 4 apartments, a villa (split into two separate residences), a barriques room, a restaurant and several warehouses for a total of 1,016 sqm (10,932 sqft).


In the beautiful villa of the hamlet (323 sqm – 3,475 sqft) two independent apartments have been obtained, each fitted with three double bedrooms.

- Apt. N°7 (153 sqm – 1,646 sqft): living room, kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, bathroom and laundry.

- Apt. N°8 (170 sqm – 1,829 sqft): entrance hall, 2 living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathroom and laundry. The villa is enriched on the outside by a terrace (23 sqm – 247 sqft) and a loggia (25 sqm – 269 sqft).


In an old country house (103 sqm – 1,108 sqft) fully restored in 1990 there are two apartments, each fitted with 2 double bedrooms.

- Apt. N°9 (37 sqm – 398 sqft): kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom.

- Apt. N°10 (66 sqm – 710 sqft): kitchen with fireplace, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom. The apartment is enriched by a private loggia (13 sqm – 140 sqft).


From an old barn (141 sqm – 1,517 sqft) restored in 2007 we obtained two apartments, each with 2 double bedrooms.

- Apt. N°11 (72 sqm – 775 sqft): kitchen with fireplace, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom.

- Apt. N°12 (69 sqm – 742 sqft): kitchen with fireplace, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom.


There is then a beautiful two-story restaurant (158 sqm – 1,700 sqft), enriched by a loggia (60 sqm – 646 sqft) and an outdoor area covered in a PVC tarp (60 sqm – 646 sqft), the barriques cellar for wine ageing (81 sqm – 872 sqft) and several locals (210 sqm – 2,260 sqft) used as storage house, garage and warehouse.


A short distance from the hamlets, there is another farmhouse (290 sqm – 3,120 sqft) with an annex once used as a stable and storage house (173 sqm – 1,861 sqft) and a small metal shed.


Also outside of the hamlets there is a fully-restorable derelict convent (290 sqm – 3,120 sqft) fitted with a small annex (93 sqm – 1,001 sqft) still in builder’s finish.


Last but not least, we find a nice wine cellar (310 sqm – 3,336 sqft), dating back to the 19th century but fully restored in 2000 and currently used to process the grapes harvested in the property.


The property is made up prevalently of buildings dating back to the 19th century, fully and finely restored to preserve those characteristics typical to Tuscan countryside structures. External stone walls, brought back to their original beauty, clashes with plastered and painted internal walls granting brightness to the interiors. Other classy details include the beautiful wooden beams sustaining the roofs and the high-quality terracotta floors arranged in fishbone style.

The villa has light-toned parquet floors, with plastered and white-painted walls. Roofs are sustained by wooden beams which have been painted white.

Many of the apartments have masonry or stone fireplaces, perfectly restored and working.

The cellar is a spartan building, without too much luxury finishes and organized to provide a functional place for grapes processing and wine making. The barriques cellar is, instead, very refined with ample sections of exposed stone and finely preserved visible wooden beams.

The small church in the property (dating back to the 17th century) is still consecrated and boasts door and window frames carved in the pietra serena typical to the Florence area. On the inside, the altar is enriched by sculpted angels while the floors are covered in ancient terracotta tiles.


Next to the building of Hamlet A there is a wonderful 14 × 7 m pool (built in 1998) offering a panoramic view over the surrounding hills and fitted with a tiled solarium.

The property is surrounded by 343.5 hectares of land, mainly covered in woodlands (294 ha). The remaining hectares are split among chestnut grove (3 ha), arable land (20 ha), grazing land (6.0 ha) a nice 1,000-tree olive grove (4 ha) and a nice vineyard (16.5 ha).

The vineyard, in particular, is the heart of the property given the production of the prestigious Chianti DOCG. First implants date back to the biennium 1972-1973 with Sangiovese and Malvasia (6.3 ha). In 1994 Sangiovese got an expansion, together with new Trebbiano and Canaiolo implants (4.9 ha). In 1997 more Sangiovese is added to the property (0.8 ha). In 2003 it’s time for Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir (2.4 ha). Ultimately, in 2016, more Sangiovese is planted together with Ciliegiolo and Pinot Blanc (2.1 ha). A last part of the vineyards was planted in 2020 (roughly 1.0 ha).

The land includes three small lakes, perfect for fishing. Two of them (respectively 2 and 3 ha) are fenced.

Several paths crisscross the property and are ideal for trekking and hitch-hiking lovers.

What’s more, a good portion of the estate (roughly 286.0 hectares) is classified as a hunting reserve, usable all year long. Over 25 hectares of land are fenced as a wild boar hunting ground. As for the reserve, it is important to note that there are further 88.0 hectares of neighboring properties that can be exploited for hunting as well even if they are not directly owned.


- Vineyard surface: 16.5 hectares

- Varieties: Sangiovese (70%), Malvasia (6%), Syrah (5%), Pinot Noir (5%), Merlot (4%), Ciliegiolo (4%), Pinot Blanc (3%), Trebbiano (2%) and Canaiolo (1%)

- Year of planting: 1972 – 2016

- Altitude: 280 – 380 m asl (East / West)

- Density: 2,700 – 4,600 vines / ha

- Average yield: 5.0 tons / ha

- Training: pruned-spur cordon, Guyot (Pinot Noir only)

- Terrain composition: clayish

- Yearly production: 500.0 hl (65,000 bottles)

- Workers: 3 + external companies when needed

- Maximum wine capacity: 1.980 hl


- Rosso Toscano IGT: 100% Sangiovese

- Chianti DOCG: 100% Sangiovese

- Chianti DOCG Riserva: 100% Sangiovese

- Rosé Toscano IGT: 100% Sangiovese

- Vinsanto Chianti DOC: Malvasia, Trebbiano

- Grappa: Sangiovese (lees)

- Grappa Riserva: Sangiovese (lees)


- Surface: 4.0 hectares (1,000 tress)

- Varieties: Frantoio (70%), Pendolino (12%), Leccino (12%) and Moraiolo (6%)

- Yearly production: 25.0 hl

- Years of plantation: 1970s

- Altitude: 350 m asl

- Terrain composition: clayish


The property, thanks to its ample size, is already being used as a hosting business, with numerous beds available for the clients. The other backbones of the property are the winery with its 16.5 hectares of vineyard granting a high-quality production, among which we find IGT and DOCG wines (Chianti). Processed wine (ca. 500 hl a year) gets partially bottles (ca. 15,000 bottles) while the remaining quantity (ca. 390 hl) is sold as cask wine to other bottlers in the area. Right behind we must cite the production of nice Tuscan extra-virgin oil obtained thanks to the olive grove in the property (4 ha).


Nearest town (2km; 5’), Florence (38km; 55’), Arezzo (84km; 1h 20’), San Gimignano (88km; 1h 35’), Volterra (110km; 1h 55’), Siena (110km; 1h 50’), Montepulciano (117km; 1h 45’), Montalcino (144km; 2h 15’)


Firenze Vespucci (63km; 1h 5’), Bologna Marconi (105km; 1h 30’), Pisa Galilei (123km; 1h 45’), Perugia San Francesco (167km; 2h 5’), Grosseto Baccarini (180km; 2h 30’), Roma Ciampino (295km; 3h 10’), Roma Fiumicino (310km; 3h 15’)

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Ref. 1482 / Borgo Fiorentino


Rufina - Florence Province - Tuscany

Prezzo: 6.000.000 Euro

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